Liebster Award Tag

I will post this tag in English, otherwise it will be to long (Sorry for the dutch people). So, It’s been a long time, since someone tagged me. I’ve received this tag, probably because I’m on my way to get 200 followers! Hopefully I will soon! I have been nominated by Maisie from highstreetspy (have a look at her blog, she’s a funny girl ^^). Again, thanks for nominating me Maisie, I will answer all your beautiful questions.

The rules for this tag are simple:

  • You must answer 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
  • You must list 11 random/fun facts about yourself.
  • You must pick 11 nominees with under 200 (ish) followers to answer your questions. (I also break this rule so sorry Liebster Award)
  • You cannot nominate the person who nominated you.
  • You must let the person you’ve nominated know that they’ve been nominated.liebster-award


1) If you could spend an hour with a celeb, who would it be and what would you do?
Hmmm it’s a tricky one. But If I have to chose I would spend an hour with Anne Hathaway, because she a goofy girl (just like me).

2) If you could dye/ cut your hair to any style you want and price/ damage is not an obstacle, what would you do?
I would like to dye my hair in cherry/dark red brown! I won’t do it, because it is very daring and I don’t know it would suit me. But I find it a beautiful colour. 

3) 1 main thing you want to achieve in your life?
I would like to have my own nice, lovely  family! Having kids and a great husband who loves me very much! And travel the world. 

4) Love, happiness or wealth?
I can’t choose between them. I love “Love”, I like to be happy and also to have enough money to live well. So a little bit of everything. 

5) What’s the best compliment someone has given you?
That I have beautiful eyes :$

6) Who is your fashion inspiration?
I would say, Blake Lively! She always have good taste! And she’s often the first who comes with new fashion trends. 

7) If you could only shop from one clothes shop for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why? Euhm I love Zara! They have amazing clothes (sometimes expensive) and have shoes, accessories! BAM, all in one! 

8) What 3 features do you look for in a potential boyfriend/ girlfriend?
He has to make me laugh, taking initiative and being a real men (+- gentleman) who is proud of his girlfriend. 

9) 3 things you love about yourself?
Appearance: My eyes, my hair and legs!
Personality: crazy girl, social, laugh all the time

10) Most used app on your phone?

11) If you could meet any fellow blogger who would it be and why?
Tanya burr

11 random/fun facts about myself.

  • I am a huge Disney fan! I know every song by heart. Even when I am in the shower I put disney songs on and sing along. ( + Disney makes me happy)
  • Since I have my blog I am always on Instagram! Before I had the app but never used it.
  • Since I’ve been working (as digital executive), I am afraid to gain some pounds/weight, so I eat a lot of fruit and do some exercises.
  • Since I’ve been working, my life is changing in an instant. I go more out, go to parties and meet a lot of new people! I love it!
  • When I watch romance movies, you have to see my face! It just glows, especially when they kiss…oooooohhh ( what can I say, I am a romantic)
  • I never went to a concert, yeah I know what a shame! So if anyone want to take me to a concert and give my first experience, let me know :p
  • Sometimes I am very direct, so I say things without thinking. It can hurt people or make them laugh, so it’s something I have to work on 🙂
  • Maybe I’m 22 years old, but inside I’m like a teenager! I love to be crazy, play and do crazy stuff! But I’m also very serious though, especially when I’m in a relationship! ^^
  • I love gaming! I play call of duty/battlefield, adventure games, Lara croft, click & point games, etc. A little bit a tomboy with girly preferences (like I love beauty & fashion). :$
  • I play tennis and this for almost 14 years! I don’t play against girls, but against men. They play faster and tougher, which I like a lot.  (I’m a little Sharapova ^^)
  • I recently shapes my eyebrows! I never did that before and find it amazing! It gives you a better look!

Now my question for the people who I tag: 

  1. Who is your favorite Disney character? And why?
  2. If you could use one beauty product for the rest of your life, which would it be?
  3. Which magazine do you read?
  4. Why did you start your blog?
  5. Which beauty product + brand do you buy over and over again? And why?
  6. If your friends would describe you in 3 words? Which words would it be?
  7. What is your favorite movie of all times?
  8. Your celebrety crush?
  9. What do you like the most of your body/face?
  10. Your favorite sport?
  11. Who inspires you to write your posts?

The lucky persons who I nominate: 

Take a look at their blogs, they’re amazing! 

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  1. Superlief dat je me nomineert! Ik heb de Liebster award wel al eens ontvangen… Maar ik vul met plezier nogmaals de vragen in 😉 Nomineren ga ik dan niet meer doen…

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